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Providing best of breed Emergency Notification Service and control, StaffAlerter is the only solution you need.

Anyone who is responsible for keeping groups of employees, customers, students or parents informed, needs the communication power of StaffAlerter. Developed originally for the K-12 market, StaffAlerter by virtue of it’s advanced distributed architecture design leverages the latest in IoT technology, Cloud processing and advanced communication services assures any message for any person or group will be delivered regardless of the condition of facility power or network infrastructure.
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What makes StaffAlerter better than the current Emergency Notification Systems?

StaffAlerter combines three important functions:




Network Connected Devices Controlled by StaffAlerter Cloud

Telephone Integration
I/O Control


Door Open
Lock Down

Web Buttons Provide Remote Control


Mobile device
SMS Texting
Social Media

What makes StaffAlerter better than the current Emergency Notification Systems?

StaffAlerter provides three layers of command and control consisting of the following layers

Physical Layer

The StaffAlerter appliance is located on the premise and connected to wi-fi or cellular networks processdirectphysical inputs from devices or people in the facility. These events activate custom rules managed by the customer which are designed to send alerts to staff, control outputs as needed and communicate to other StaffAlerter appliances located on the network.

Web Control Layer

Custom URL portal allows customers to create and manage Web Action Keys® which can be activated by any device that can be reached over the web.

Cloud Layer

Designed with ultimate survivability in mind, Cloud Action Keys® are user created and controlled, allowing messages to be sent to users or groups, even during facility system failure, this capability allows StaffAlerter to be on duty 24/7 regardless of facility status. Only StaffAlerter combines all these functions into one easy to manage, easy to deploy system capable of serving a small site with a small group of contacts through an enterprise of any size or spread across any region from a single Web Portal. StaffAlerter was designed to operate in any condition and with any level of network access including a cellular option. Power failures, network outages or regional disasters won’t leave you without the ability to communicate based on the Cloud Layer.

Thermal Printing & Vinyl – Cutting

Create your own signs and labels wherever and whenever you need them.

Sourcing appropriate labels and signs can often be time consuming and costly, especially when only small quantites, specifically worded, or exact sized outputs are required.  This is where the CPM-100G3U allows you to realize huge cost savings and operational improvements, by producing exactly what you want, when you want it… 24 hours a day!

How does the Bepop work?

The Bepop CPM-1003GU combines thermal print and vinyl-cutting technology, together with our tried and tested software, to produce multiple spot-color outputs.  So For example, you can design and print a multi-colored label that can then be contour-cut to fit into a recess.

Because the system handles individual shapes and sizes, there’s no need to buy customised blank labels.  For customers who need to label high value, low quantity equipment in a professional manner, the Bepop CPM-100G3U is ideal.

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