Label Printing & Cutting Machine

Thermal Printing & Vinyl – Cutting

Create your own signs and labels wherever and whenever you need them.

Sourcing appropriate labels and signs can often be time consuming and costly, especially when only small quantites, specifically worded, or exact sized outputs are required.  This is where the CPM-100G3U allows you to realize huge cost savings and operational improvements, by producing exactly what you want, when you want it… 24 hours a day!

How does the Bepop work?

The Bepop CPM-1003GU combines thermal print and vinyl-cutting technology, together with our tried and tested software, to produce multiple spot-color outputs.  So For example, you can design and print a multi-colored label that can then be contour-cut to fit into a recess.

Because the system handles individual shapes and sizes, there’s no need to buy customised blank labels.  For customers who need to label high value, low quantity equipment in a professional manner, the Bepop CPM-100G3U is ideal.

Bepop PC-EX software

“Bepop PC-EX” software has over 1,400 symbols and templates.  The templates have some Spanish versions as well as English.  You can create your own signs and labels whenever and however you want them with Max Bepop Printer.

The peel-off frame is cut automatically

Remove the excess vinyl with ease.

Database Link

Information from databases saved in CSV format, can be linked directly to your label designs.

Remaining vinyl length detection

The approximate remaining vinyl length can be checked at the status monitor in the notification area of desktop.

Who needs a Bepop CPM-100G3U?

There are so many applications, both traditional and new, for the unique capabilities of the CPM-100G3U.  Because of the highly durable and robust output, industrial and manufacturing sectors will find endless uses throughout their organizations.  These include labels for:

  • Health and Safety
  • Engineering
  • Electrical
  • Plant ID
  • Assets
  • Tracking
  • Product ID
  • Pipe Marking
  • Administration
  • Chemical ID
  • Facilities Management
  • Control Panels

the list goes on….

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