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PM Power Products and Normandeau Technologies Inc (NTI) Attends Annual NASRO Conference in Reno, NV

PM Power Products and NTI (Normandeau Technologies Inc.) recently attended the annual National Association of School Resource Officers conference in Reno, NV.

The annual one-week NASRO conference held in June brought together SROs from throughout the US and international locations to meet, discuss the current state of school safety and receive updates and training on the latest issues surrounding school safety policy and procedures for school-based law enforcement officers.

NTI has undertaken a program to introduce the PM Power Products StaffAlerter Emergency Notification System to school districts throughout the New England area. In association with this endeavor, Brett Normandeau, President and owner of NTI, is positioning the PM Power Products StaffAlerter with organizations associated with K-12 education, including organizations such as NASRO.

The NASRO conference included three days of vendor exhibits for SROs. “The turnout at the show was over 1000 SROs and we were able to discuss the value proposition and demonstrate StaffAlerter to many of the attendees” per Brett. “The response was overwhelmingly positive. We were also able to talk to SROs to get their input for enhancements they would want to see on the StaffAlerter that could improve their jobs”.

NASRO national leadership spent time with NTI and PM Power Products to see and hear about StaffAlerter and were impressed and positive with their feedback. NTI and PM Power Products are looking to attend future SRO regional and national meetings as both exhibitor and presenter.
NTI recently closed a six-site StaffAlerter opportunity in Ohio and are looking forward to many more.

Contact Brett Normandeau at 413.584.3131 or Paul Keith of Presence Management at 614.652.6502 for further information.

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