Take StaffAlerter Mobile with SA-Inform

Extend the reach of your StaffAlerter system with this easy-to-use application. SA-Inform is a mobile application that complements the StaffAlerter Cloud system. It enables authorized users to send push notifications to the organization and initiate actions via Cloud Buttons created on the StaffAlerter Server. The application acts as a terminal for the cloud server, meaning that any changes made on the server are immediately updated to the application. In addition to push notifications and access to Cloud Buttons, SA-Inform introduces an ALERT feature. Users can activate the ALERT Button and send a message to all users within their group, along with their location using the cell phone location information. Alerts can be viewed on mobile devices or on the StaffAlerter Cloud Server and can be sent out as messages to groups. Overall, SA-Inform is an easy-to-use application available on the Apple or Android Store. SA-Inform offers an additional communication channel for organizations. “SA-Inform enhances the reach of the StaffAlerter cloud solution,” said Bob Rankin, President of Presence Management, sole distributor of PropStop and the PM Power Products line. “The ability for individual users to activate Cloud Buttons to initiate actions and to provide a one button push to record and deliver messages instantly to a user of group along with their geographic location is a game changer for notification and control systems. Panic Buttons have to have preset actions, the Alert feature allows for real time detailed messages.” About PM Power Products Based in Dublin, Ohio, PM Power Products, LLC provides products that enhance the ability of dealers and integrators to expand and complete sales opportunities and implementation projects using new and innovative technologies that are disruptive to the market both in capabilities and price points. PM Power Products designs and manufactures the StaffAlerter line of products. StaffAlerter provides solutions for monitoring and controlling of relay activated devices, messaging and alerting for staff through multiple communication means, and emergency response in critical situations. StaffAlerter is designed and built in the US. For more information about StaffAlerter, PM Power Products and how we can assist with innovative solutions to your communications requirements, please visit www.pmpowerproducts.com.

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