How Schools Are Responding to Door Propping Issues

Recent incidents demonstrate propped open doors can lead to security failure.

PM Power Products, a leader in innovative security solutions, is proud to announce the release of its latest product – the PropStop door monitoring system. This system provides the perfect solution for monitoring doors not covered by traditional access control applications and can be used on any door, including roll-up doors in warehouses and storage areas that may not be readily accessible for monitoring.

PropStop utilizes the StaffAlerter SmartBoard, a Wi-Fi-connected, ultra-low battery-powered board that can be mounted on any door. Two models are available, the PropStop ER features a 6700 mah re-chargeable battery while the PropStop SR model adds Solar charging to extend the 3300 mah battery life, perfect for transom glass doors. A third model, the PropStop ETH, provides a PoE hardwired network version which can provide a pre-warning upon detection of an open-door condition. The system is sold with a normally closed-door contact switch and does not require expensive infrastructure to work, as it utilizes your existing Wi-Fi network in most configurations.

In the event of a propped-open door, PropStop utilizes the StaffAlerter Cloud to notify users via Text SMS, Calls, Email or Push notifications to the StaffAlerter application. Information on the door position is sent to the StaffAlerter Dashboard, where the current status can be displayed. Customizable time values can be set to determine what period a door is left open before the
system determines a “propped open” condition exists.

Additionally, time delays and programmable profiles for each door can be set for time-of-day configurations, ensuring that you are only alerted when necessary. This helps avoid excessive alerting in areas that you know will have door openings at certain times, while providing full coverage and notifications when needed.

PropStop’s core technology, the SmartBoard, can also monitor refrigerators, ensuring the door position, unit temperature, and power present are monitored, providing protection against food spoilage and loss.

“We are excited to offer this innovative solution to our customers,” said Bob Rankin, President of Presence Management, sole distributor of Prop Stop and the PM Power Products line. “PropStop provides the coverage and notifications needed to ensure the security of any door or refrigerator, and we are confident it will revolutionize the way these areas are monitored.”

About PM Power Products
Based in Dublin, Ohio, PM Power Products, LLC provides products that enhance the ability of dealers and integrators to expand and complete sales opportunities and implementation projects using new and innovative technologies that are disruptive to the market both in capabilities and price points.

PM Power Products designs and manufactures the StaffAlerter line of products. StaffAlerter provides solutions for monitoring and controlling of relay activated devices, messaging and alerting for staff through multiple communication means, and emergency response in critical situation. StaffAlerter products are made in the USA.

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